Next Board Meeting July 1st, 6:00 PM

Next Body Meeting July 15th, 7:00 PM

Winter Hill, Pleasant Park and Volunteer Yacht Clubs Invasion at OCYC

Saturday & Sunday June 27th and 28th


Voluntter Yacht Club



This event kicks off Saturday @ 1:00pm with a DJ and lunch. Roast beef dinner served at 6:00pm with live music and breakfast on Sunday morning. Tickets are $45 per person, please see Vice Commodore Brian Burns. This year we have Winter Hill YC, Pleasent Park YC and Lynn Volunteer YC visiting. Please join us in welcoming these visiting clubs to OCYC.

 Also please work with the Fleet Captain and Dock Masters as they make space available for the visiting boats. Your cooperation during these events is always greatly appreciated. Thank you all, see you soon.

Saturday July 25th (Details to Follow)

Invasion By OCYC Members at Lynn Volunteer Yacht Club



June 2015 Newsletter

Please open the Spring Newsletter and read the Commodore’s notes concerning the dock repairs after this record setting winter

Old Colony Yacht Club is a private members only club.  We do not solicit membership  from outside.  To become a new member you need to be brought in by a fellow member and have two sponsors.

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 There are many scheduled events for OCYC, please click the link below to see what is going on at your club

Scheduled Functions and Social Events

2015 Old Colony Yacht Club Fish Bowl

Congratulations to Dave Hamill who won the Old Colony Yacht Club Fishbowl Striped Bass Tournament landing a 36″ striped bass.  This year there were over 75 participants who enjoyed a day on the water fishing with friends and family.  Congratulations Dave on a job well done.

Dave Hamill displays his prize winning First Place Striped Bass in the 2015 OCYC Fishbowl Striped Bass Tournement

Dave Hamill displays his prize winning First Place Striped Bass in the 2015 OCYC Fishbowl Striped Bass Tournament

   OCYC Functions and Social Events


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